"Browsersize.com" to check and set the size of the browser window

The size of the window of the browser which I care about when creating the site and checking the browsing is the size. Even though I thought about checking the appearance with various browsers in various environments, it is quite troublesome and tends to neglect.

That's why "browsersize.com" is useful there. It consists of "setmy.browsersize.com" which sets the size of your browser to an arbitrary size, and "whatsmy.browsersize.com" which checks your current browser size, so you can use various aspects You can use it conveniently.


上記サイトでは「http://setmy.browsersize.com/<幅>x<高さ>」とすれば任意のサイズにブラウザを設定可能。例えば900×500にしたければ「http://setmy.browsersize.com/900x500Feeling. Since it is possible to change to an arbitrary size and return to the original page, it may be useful to set up such a link when you want your site to see it with the specified window size.


On the above site you can check the current size of your browser and installed plugins. It is surprisingly convenient that the resolution of your monitor is displayed together.

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