Block messages including MSN Messenger, "download.php"

Exactly it seems that "download.php" "gallery.php" is blocked. Even if you send an address including this character string to your partner in chat, it will not reach. I confirmed that it is blocked exactly even in Japanese version.

Details are as follows.
Microsoft censoring MSN Messenger conversations - Arve Bersvendsen

Since when did they start blocking URLs

MSN Messenger censors links - Robert's talk

Perhaps it might be a justification to prevent worms via messenger, but maybe there are other reasons ....

If you really want to send an address containing "download.php" to your opponent, you can reach "opponent" if you say "down% 6Coad.php" and you can access it as it is from the browser.

Incidentally, at this point in time, it contains this "download.php" as an address, which means that all of this is blocked.

Download.php - Google search

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