Try making popcorn for microwave of vanilla flavor

I recently bought "vanilla flavor" because I became interested in what kind of things are going to be completed, which I recently saw in supermarkets and convenience stores "Popcorn for Orville microwave oven".

Can we do it well, and is it delicious?
Kameda Seiyaku: popular horse caught! Orville microwave popcorn

Raw material is like this, the country of origin is America

This is the only thing that is inside when opening it, simple

When written in the opposite direction, the way of making was written

It seems to be about one and half minutes to three minutes at 500 W. However, this time can not be relied on, really. It is more certain to judge by the sound to be splashed. Due to neglecting this, the "soy salted" experimented before the vanilla taste was blackened at the bottom ... Auuaa.

You can open it like this when done

Then, it is a challenge. The microwave oven in my office is 600 W, but I burned it for over 1 minute. It seems to be good to stop at about 1 minute before but it is quite difficult to stop it when there are considerable variations every time and eventually you start to hear the sound like the following movie. In some cases there are some popcorn that are not bursting towards the bottom, but better than becoming blacked out.

Sample movie of pom-pounding sound (about 52 seconds after running the range)

Completion, plump

When opened it looks something like this, freshly prepared is slightly sweet, pretty delicious

Even so, you may want to attach a timetable for each microwave oven on the reverse side ... depending on the wattage of the range, the dispersion varies considerably with time .... That's why I think that it is writing by judging by sound ....

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