How to select an external battery to use the W - ZERO 3 outdoor

When I thought about using W - ZERO 3 fully outside, the most important thing is the battery. Carrying the AC adapter and borrowing outlets such as coffee shops ... There is a possibility of being charged with theft.

I will write about how to choose the perfect battery for such a time. Of course, the manufacturer does not guarantee when using an external battery, so when using it is at your own risk.

By the way, this method can also be applied to game machines such as mobile phones and PSPs. This is also your own risk.

The rest is as follows.
1. Check if you can charge in the first place
Because the W - ZERO 3 is charged by receiving 5 V 1 A power supply from the AC adapter due to specifications, in order to check whether the external battery can charge the W - ZERO 3, the external battery should output at 5 V You need to find out if you can do it.

Typical external batteries that can output at 5 V are the following two.

Value Wave "Pocket MOBA"

MyBattery TWIN

2. Check the capacity
In order not to say that "I bought an external battery, I could only charge half," we need to check the capacity properly.

It is a point to pay particular attention, for exampleValue Wave's "Pocket MOBA"In the case of W-ZERO 3 which is premised on charging with 5 V, since it is a story of "capacity 3200 mAh" written in the package, this is a case of outputting at 3.7 V, the following calculation formula It will be the capacity derived by.

3.7 V (voltage) × 3200 mAh (capacity) ÷ 5 V (voltage) = 2368 (capacity at 5 V)

Since this is 2368 mAh,JTT's "MyBattery TWIN"It will be less than the capacity 2850 mAh at 5 V output. So it is necessary to pay attention to voltage display whether the package is written 3.7 V or 5 V or not.

3. Think about the type of compatible equipment
Anyway, if it is desired to charge only W - ZERO 3, if it is desired to charge other equipment, it is necessary to choose one with a lot of compatible equipment. AboveValue Wave's "Pocket MOBA"There are some specialized connectors prepared for each device to correspond widely, but if the other device you want to charge can charge from the USB port,JTT's "MyBattery TWIN"It is also possible to charge using the USB conversion connector that came with.

4. Think about ease of carrying
Even if the capacity is large, it is safe to avoid things that are difficult to get inside the bag or heavy heavy items.
For exampleJTT's "My Battery Expert"The capacity at 5 V output is 12600 mAh, which is overwhelming, but the weight of the main body 450 g and the weight of W - ZERO 3 twice. The size is also larger than W - ZERO 3, 154 mm × 77 mm × 28 mm (length × width × width) and it is considerably bulky.

Especially if you wish to "always feel safe to put it in your bag and feel free to charge it when it is gone", it's going to be more disastrous if you do not choose a thin and light thing, not a bag, .

5. Check if there is a safety circuit
If overcharging or short-circuiting occurs, it is not only because W-ZERO 3 can not be completely recurrently recharged, it is not due to charging of genuine AC adapter, so there is a high possibility that you can not receive manufacturer's support. I think that one with a safety circuit installed is preferable. All products listed in this article are installed.

By the way, I bought an external battery that will charge four AA batteries for charging the W - ZERO 3 using the USB port, but it is more than expected to have four AA batteries , I noticed that the four AA batteries themselves were also heavily surprising and eventually threw it away without being used ... ... You may as well as careful when you buy it.

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