Santa Claus died while distributing gifts to children

It seems that Santa Claus was waiting for children all over the world, but unfortunately it died in England. Even so, Santa is not that there is only one person so that may not be a problem.

Details are as follows.
The Sun Online - News: Santa dies in front of kids

According to the article, 82-year-old Andrew Robertson who lives in the UK died. In the last few years Andrew has been playing Santa on Christmas party for grandchildren of the members of the bowling club, and seems to have given Santa 's costume in the same way and distributed gifts to children this year as well. However, he fell down during that and tried various emergency measures but he did not recover, but unfortunately he died.

According to the secretary of the club, Mr. Andrew seems to be a very popular person who does not speak ill of anyone. Even if I asked for something I refused, even at this time I acted very happily until I fell down.

Suddenly when Santa Claus collapsed, among children, there seemed to be some children who asked, "If Santa Claus is sick, how do I get a present?" It certainly is a big question whether children can receive gifts.

I just hope that Santa collapsing like Andrew will not come out.

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