Open source 3D printer "Fab @ Home" which can automatically create 3D objects

It seems that things that should be called "3D printers" have been developed, which will build up three-dimensional objects by stacking layers of powder and liquid materials. Moreover, it was developed with open source.

There are movies that actually make three-dimensional objects, but this is amazing.

Details are as follows.
Desktop fabricator may kick-start home revolution - tech - 09 January 2007 - New Scientist Tech

According to this article, this device developed by researchers at Cornell University in the United States, developed by the project "Fab @ Home", is based on drawings of three-dimensional objects designed in advance on the PC, It is said that it makes it possible to make three-dimensional objects from various materials that have been made. The material which can be used is wide, and even chocolate will become a material.

Moreover, this device is developed with open source, design drawings and software are all free. It seems that it can be created with only material cost of 2,400 dollars (about 290,000 yen).

In addition, Adrian Bowyer, one of the development staff, says that cheap plastic containers sold at supermarkets and so on, do not bother to go buy and purchase the design drawing online and just print it It is going to be.

A movie that actually creates three-dimensional objects is here.

Revver: Fab @ Home

There are other movies on the official page.
Fab @ Home

It seems to be able to make sweets of unusual shape, too.

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