I ate Ace cook "Koku sauce ramen of beef dressing soup"

It is said that it is a new product to be released nationwide from February 12, 2007. Because it was sold at convenience stores, I ate it.

I think that it is like ramen, which is pleasing for those who like rich noodles, because they are tailoring beef sage, but how about the taste?

Details are as follows.
There are two bags of liquid soup quickly.

I will open the quick bag. Liquid soup is both postponed.

Wait for 4 minutes with hot water. I tried warming the liquid soup on the lid just in case.

Mix the liquid soup and mix it.

Although I tried to eat it, there are strange odds with normal super cup etc in the noodles. It is resilient and chewy soup enters Turutul and mouth and it is very easy to eat. Soup is added to soy sauce flavor The beef tallow contained in the retort cow sagger is adding more taste. Kanji really has a feeling. The menma and meat of the ingredients are intertwined with the soup and it is very tasty.

I was able to drink all of the soup. Is it perfect for people who like rich taste ramen?

The official page is here.

Ace co., Ltd

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