Pictures of numerous heavy dump trucks abandoned

A heavy dump truck used for mine and dam construction etc. is a picture left without being repaired by puncture. There are also quite a few racketed tracks, and it seems that they have quite a lot since it got ridden. Is it only to finish the job and wait for it to decay here?

Details are as follows.
Отходы цивилизации - Кладбище монстров

Punctures are all four wheels.

There is something not seen in other tracks on the front.

Komatsu HD 1200 MIt seems like a dump truck. The right and left light cover colors are different.

With the drums still loaded.

It is located hereCaterpillarWithKomatsuThere are many things. By the way, Caterpillar has the largest share of construction machinery in the world, Komatsu is the world second (Japan is No. 1).

Below are the movies taken by the driver with the camera, how the surroundings can be seen from this dump.
YouTube - Dumptruck

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