"Yatterman" and "Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman" decided to be a live-action film

It seems that Nikkatso has decided to make live movie of popular animation "Yatterman" and "Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman" of copyrights owned by Dragon child production.

The person of "Yatterman" is already making concrete production, and it is expected to be released in the spring of 2009. Actually, animation of thirty years ago will be realized, but what kind of work will it be?

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Details are as follows.
Nikkatsu, Tatsunoko popular animation
"Yatterman" and "Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman" live-action movie decision

According to this release, the title of the film to be released is "Yatterman", and the director has worked on "incoming call ant", "killer 1", "great youkai war"Takashi Miike. Mechanical & Character DesignKatsuya TeradaIt was produced and distributed by Shochiku and Nikkatsu.

The sentences on the official page are as follows.

30 years since animation broadcasting · · · Timebokan series boasts the highest popularity, and the legendary animation which produced numerous buzzwords such as "climb up to a pig," and "Poitto" is finally a live-action movie.
It is Gan chan, Yatterman No. 1, No. 2 to face Ai-chan, which confronts super-individual villain characters such as Doronjo, Tonsler, Boyakki.
A spectacular battle will unfold over the "Doukurostone" somewhere on the earth.
Yatta One, the confrontation between "Zorromeka" delivered from Yatter King and Dronboru Mechanism is one of the topics.
Director Takashi Miike, a foreigner in the world that Japan is proud of! Please expect "ultimate entertainment super masterpieces not only by" Girls high school students nationwide nationwide "but also the world attention.

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