Art utilizing curvaceous beauty of stringed instruments such as violin

There seems to be some people who make art works that make full use of the charm of curvaceous beauty of string instruments, such as the thread winding part of the violin and the neck of the torso of the guitar. There are two instruments, such as the two violins cuddling up, being drunk and drinking.

Details are as follows.
It was crushed by a book.

Cuddling violin.

It seems to be one scene of sports drink CM.

A drunk violin.

Take off the violin.

Violin assembly kit.

An anchoring violin.

It is swirling.

Human violin?

Are you pulling each other's strings together?

She seems to be falling greatly.

Cello with beautiful body twist.

Guitar type speaker.

It is a person named Philippe Guillerm who is creating a work while going to various places around the world. In addition to musical instruments, Mr. Guillerm is mainly making furniture and art using wood.

A bookshelf that appeals to be a tree.

It seems the chest is clinging to the wall.

Wooden railings. Although it is made fancy, I am concerned with the stuffed head of the animal's head behind it.

Guillerm's work can be seen on his official website.

Philippe Guillerm

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