"Double Wires" etc. which advances by extending the wire like Spider-Man

Like a spiderman, stretching out the wire from the hand, sticking to the field, going forward. I understand immediately how to operate, but there is frustration that I can not proceed well even if I know it. I will play many times aiming at the end.

Also,A game that removes parts so as not to drop children to the seaIt is the same, but there are games with a high degree of difficulty.

Access is from the following.
DOFI-BLOG Differentiate Double Wires Open!

The main character is whispering around 'u'.

I will stretch the wire to the clicked position of the mouse, so I will proceed with using it well.

As the level rises the color of the field changes.

This is quite easy because there is a foothold.

I have no choice but to pass under.

It seems to be a forced side scroll according to the progressing speed, and it has been swallowed.

Evacuate somehow.

I got to the right space once.

Clicks missed.

When it managed to reach 100 yards, it was hindered by the wall and dropped.

It was 108.74 yd. I want to go ahead a bit ....

Another game is a game where there was a storyteller.A game that removes parts so as not to drop children to the seaIt is similar, but the difficulty level is much higher.

DOFI - BLOG Differentiating Stick Remover Stick Kukushi Release!

Bunka kuzushi. Nostalgic sounding.

The rule only takes a stick so as not to drop the star below the Limit Line.

It is unstable as it is shaking without doing anything, I do not know whether anything can be withdrawn.

Although it seems to be OK even if it fails up to 5 times, it often fails trying hard to improve the score.

The score is 50.

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