Wikipedia founder in direct consultation to China to release censorship

In the past, China enforced the censorship of the net thoroughly after enclosing the entire domestic net connection by a firewall called "Great firewall", and various search results such as Google also reported information inconvenient to Chinese authorities Is not to be displayedI also told you about GIGAZINEHowever, the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia" also seems to be blocked by censorship by the Chinese government.

And the founder of Wikipedia who saw this situation severely is planning to travel to China to talk to high-ranking officials of the Chinese government.

Details are as follows.
Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Says He Refuses To Bow To Chinese Officials Like Google & Yahoo Did. | Ceosmack

According to this article, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, is going to China in September to talk to senior officials of the Chinese government to discuss censorship and blocking of Wikipedia by the Chinese government.

Although Google and Yahoo and others are allowed to provide services in China instead of cooperating with Chinese government censorship and filtering search results, Wales does not intend to obtain certification in such a way, but censorship itself He said he intends to refuse.

By the way, there are about 110 million web surfers in China, which seems to be the size after the United States, but reportedly, the Great Firewall in China is managed by hiring 30 thousand to 50 thousand people According to a report by Harvard University in 2002, the Chinese government seems to have blocked at least 19,000 to 50,000 sites in half a year.

Will the attempt by Jimmy Wales succeed, or will it end in pain?

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