Throwing a huge water balloon from the roof and dividing it, movies of excited people

Making a fairly large water balloon is a movie of people who are throwing away from high places. Since it is dangerous to have a person under it, please do not manage it. However, it is nice to just enjoy dropping the water balloon and breaking it but you can enjoy it like this.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
Drop water balloons that we brought from school or something's roof. We are destroying the roof of the temporary toilet which was under.
YouTube - Massive Waterballoon Dropped On Portapotty

This is also a water balloon from the roof. It weighs 300 pounds (about 140 kg) and contains not only water but also detergent and so on. The dropped parking lot is covered with foam.
300 lb Water Balloons - CollegeHumor video

This is a giant water balloon that you can have alone. I failed without breaking the first time. I am delighted with my success at the second time.
YouTube - The World's Largest Water Balloon

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