Game "Pathfinder" to avoid walls by manipulating spacecraft with mouse

Move the spacecraft with the mouse along the course flowing from the right to the left and proceed to not hit the wall. While the level is low, the speed is slow and easy, but as the level goes up, it is important to take a good help item.

The game is from the following.DaFlax.Com - Pathfinder

Click "PLAY GAME" on the right side, then click "START".

After explaining the game, select your own spaceship and click "OK".

Click "GO" on the left to start the game.

When hitting the wall, the red gauge on the left decreases, and when it disappears the game is over. Detailed numerical values ​​can be confirmed with the rightmost ones among the three arranged in the upper right.

The gauge will be reduced, but it is also possible to go outside the wall.

The gauge recovered when taking the item of the Red Cross mark. When it becomes 100 or more the color of the gauge changes to purple.

Shield mark items are shielded. When you take it, a blue gauge appears, you can check the remaining shields in the middle of the numbers in the upper right.

When you take items of feather marks, you can move without hitting the wall. You can check how far you can fly by the leftmost number out of the numbers in the upper right. While flying, you can not take other items.

Yellow items point up.

I could only go to level 9.

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