Yahoo! Announces that it will examine the acquisition proposal from Microsoft

From Microsoft which was announced earlierYahoo! I would like to acquire $ 44.6 billionIn response to the proposal, Yahoo! There was also an announcement from the side. Apparently this time, unlike before, I will seriously consider it.

Details are below.
Yahoo! Board of Directors to Evaluate Unsolicited Proposal From Microsoft

According to this, Yahoo! Naturally he said that he has not accepted the proposal from Microsoft yet. Yahoo! We will carefully and quickly review this proposal, and Yahoo! In pursuit of what to do to maximize shareholder value in the business strategy of the company.

By the way, the current Yahoo! The Chief Executive OfficerJerry Yang, There are two people Yahoo! I am one of the founder of. He is a considerable technology-oriented person, and since he became a top Yahoo! We have launched a new service one after another.

Also, receiving this announcement Yahoo! Stock price is rapidly rising.

YahooSkyrocketing Soaring Soaring, MicrosoftWith the offer presented by = = US stock market | money news | stock market | Reuters

In addition, you can see the lecture of the person from the following page in the movie.

Yahoo! Video - Business - Yahoo! Founder Jerry Yang talks about the future of the Internet

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