Ace cook "Super cup cabbage prime pork bone soy sauce ramen" taste review

I bought "a super cup cabbage prime pork bone soy sauce ramen" from Ace cook because it became a new release. There was not recently a new Super Cup product that could move the fingers much, but the package photo cabbage saliva was so amazing that I unintentionally took it in my hand.

The review is as follows.
1 cup 538 kcal.

Raw materials etc.

Finely 2 bags, powder soup, seasoning oil.

Put the soup quickly.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

Cabbage fatty.

Finally put the seasoning oil and mix it.

I thought it was a super cup after a long long time. The volume of cabbage is also quite good, but the intense garlic smell drifting entirely does not accumulate. It may be unsatisfactory for people who like garlic, but this flavor is pretty good. It is a bit wasteful that the last garlic tip will remain.

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