For the coming future, "Svalbard world seed storage" that collects seeds of all plants

Originally it was supposed to be in the doctrine of Zoroastrianism, the idea that was inherited from Judaism to Christianity, Islam is the "Last Judgment". It is that the day when people are judged at the end of the world will come someday, is it prepared for the day of the final judgment? Norwegian territorySvalbard archipelagoThere is a facility called "Svalbard world seed storage" that preserves the seeds of all kinds of plants that can be known on the ground on Spitzbergen Island.

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There is a concept of "seed bank" to preserve plant species from the 1920s, 1400 seed banks are in operation all over the world, but this Svalbard world seed storage is the world wide project among them. The facilities are managed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust (World Crop Diversity Foundation), the Norwegian government provided construction costs and construction was carried out in March 2007 and was completed in 2008. Food crops 3 million samples of seeds of all species are kept. The interior is kept at minus 18 degrees and it is designed to store seed for thousands of years.

The seed bank someday saves plants to be food when planetary scale disasters occur on the earth, or preserves various species for future breed improvement, but management is neglected , Flooded or blown up, the seeds collected will be useless. In recent years the seed banks were destroyed by the Iraq War and Afghan Attacks and in 2006 there were cases where the Philippine seed banks became useless by typhoons and for such times the backup of every sample was preserved at the Svalbard facility It seems to be done.

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Svalbard Seed Vault inside the unknown large huge facility to back up and preserve the seeds of the world in preparation for the collapse of civilization and ending Sponsored report - GIGAZINE

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