Puzzle game "Day of the Bobteds" to destroy all the objects on the stage by dropping an iron ball

It is a puzzle game that drops an iron ball at an arbitrary place and destroys all the objects on the stage. Since the iron ball just drops naturally, it is necessary to calculate firmly on your own by how to bounce back and how much it will bounce back.

Access is from the following.

There are 18 stages in all.

The operation is simple, just click on where you want to place an iron ball.

There may be only one object or several objects.

Since the iron ball just falls, if it rolls to the bottom like this, it will not move anymore. Since the reset button and the end button are arranged in the lower right corner of the screen, click the left button to rechallenge.

If you destroy it all you will clear. Click on "Next Level" in the middle to go to the next stage.

The object has various shapes, and it is also in a place not reachable only by appropriately dropping the iron ball.

If we do not balance well, objects will remain on one side like this.


In an iron ball it is an object that can not be absolutely destroyed. In this stage, I use the white ring that floats in the center well.

Clear by applying a ring.

An object that must not be hit because it is seen.

When you hit it, the iron ball crumbles away. Of course it failed.

Clear to avoid hitting well.

How do I get to that place?

In the red zone at the bottom right of this stage, if it is an ordinary action game it falls out, but in this game it is a zone that gives a bound strength to the iron ball. Let's use this well.

A stage like a block breaking. If it fell, it looks like an out, but the iron ball that fell to the bottom falls from above again.

A stage with a considerably difficulty level. I want to hit an iron ball against the heart shaped object on the bottom right, but there are obstructive rings around it.

The blue ring can be eliminated by hitting a white ring.

After that there is a zone where the iron ball bounces, so it's easy.

Finally the last stage.

A cat stands up. This stage also appears from the top again when the iron ball falls to the bottom.

clear. It seems there was a proper story.

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