"Change obscene otaya to the correct father!" Project

As a social contribution activity targeting Nissin employees and business partners over the age of 50, it seems that we will carry out a project to change "Aya Oyaji to the correct father"! What a funny little man ... ....

The details of a pleasant owner and a correct oyaji are from the following.
"Hundred Fukushi" 2nd starts
Training for leaders of nature experience activities
"Project to change" Ayanagi Oyaji to the correct father "project

In this project, retired Baby-Boomers and others do not become "Ayano Oya" just to hang around, take the qualification as a leader of nature experience activities, act as volunteers, for the children who will be the future Coexistence with nature Let's be "correct father" to teach! something like. In other words, do not wander around the city.

Because, according to "Questionnaire survey on children's experience activities etc." announced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (December 1998)Morality view and strong sense of justice are stronger as children with abundant nature experiencesIt is said that nature experience activities are indispensable for nurturing the children's "ability to live". So, I think that it is not the case that a child with little natural experience is immoral and evil ... ....

Anyway, from this year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries cooperate to launch "Children's Rural Fishery Village Exchange Project" promoting long-term accommodation experience activities in agricultural and mountainous fishing villages in elementary schools, On the other hand, when implementing these, there are concerns about the shortage of future leaders, according to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it seems that 100 thousand leaders are needed in 5 years. In order to make social contribution activities a social contribution activity for the healthy development of children who are responsible for the future of Japan, Mr. Nisshin, who wore eyes there, Change to a correct father! "Project, and.

Specifically, it looks like the following.

Project Outline
[1] Name: "" Change obscene fathers to the correct fathers! "Project"
[2] Activity period: 5 years from fiscal 2008 to 2012
[3] Eligibility: "School support leader"
[4] Location of activity: The following places are assumed.
I) "Children rural mountain fishing village exchange project"
※ Participate as a "school support leader" for long-term accommodation experience activities in agricultural mountain fishing villages where 1.2 million elementary school students perform each school unit
※ Persons who completed the training registered with the National Institute for Youth Education Promotion
Ii) activities in CONE affiliates
Iii) Activities in local municipalities and organizations
[5] Training: Training curriculum of 25 hours total (2 nights 3 days or 3 nights 4 days)
[6] Training place: · 2008 ~ 2009 Nagano prefecture Komoro city
· From 2010 onwards "Ando Momofuku Memorial Nature Experience Activity Leaders Training Center"
[7] Target audience: Our group companies and business partners Employees over the age of 50
[8] Number of trainees: 200 people in 5 years
[9] Management cooperation: NPO corporation nature experience promotion council (abbreviation: CONE)

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