Can you find the entrance to the Maya civilization in the basement of the Yucatan Peninsula?

By Sergio Kasusky

Maya civilization flourished in Latin America from the 3 rd century to the end of the 17 th century. Many ruins of Mayan civilization are seen in the Yucatan peninsula extending from the southeastern part of Mexico to Belize, but recently it seems that an entrance to the Maya ruins was found under the basement.

Details are as below.
Archeologists surveying on the Yucatan Peninsula announced that stone temples and pyramids were found in 14 caves following the basement. And it was confirmed that the road of concrete continued along the cylinder to the puddle up to 90 meters also in the cave that was recently discovered, "In such a pattern, we may find a temple by underwater or water "Researcher Guillermo de Anda says. Mr. de Anda has been investigating the Yucatan peninsula for half a year, and there are stones, large stone pillars, sculptures of priests and other pottery and human bodies in the cave.

By José Arnoldo

According to William Saturno, a Mayan civilization expert at the University of Boston, these underwater temples were built by the Maya people digging the cave deep into the forest and submerged underwater, the Maya people devoted considerable power to the shrine production It is said that it shows that it is. The entrance to the other Maya's underground world has been found in the jungle of Guatemala and Northern Belize.

Portal to Maya Underworld Found in Mexico?

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