Animation "true tears", 6 consecutive nights broadcast determined at local CATV

TV anime broadcast from January to March 2008 "True tears"Is a production company based in Toyama prefectureP. A. WORKSWas produced in Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, and the landscape and townscape appearing in the work were beautifully reproduced and it became a hot topic.

Broadcasting initiallyTomei Osaka(Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka) alone, after receiving an offer from the local TV station broadcasting also on Toyama TV, this time local cable TV "Tonami satellite television"It seems that broadcasting will be held for 6 consecutive nights.

Details are as below.
Anime "true tears" 6 Night continuous broadcast decision! | Information | Nanto City

According to the announcement of Nanto City, the schedule is 6 days from September 7 (Sunday) to September 12 (Friday), two consecutive episodes are broadcast from 23 o'clock to 24 o'clock, only the 12 th till the last episode It is said that three episodes will be broadcast in a row. Broadcasting is scheduled to be broadcasted at Tenayami satellite communication TV of local cable TV station, cable TV Toyama, Imizu Cable Network, Takaoka Cable Network, and Shinkawa Information Center.

Although the audience level will be quite limited, for those who lived in the Toyama area and thought that "true tears" was anxious but could not have the chance to see it, why do not you take a look at this opportunity.

In addition, the DVD of "true tears" is now on sale until Vol. 6 of the 10th episode and the 11th episode, and the 12th episode and the 13th episode (the final story) recordedVol.7 will be released on September 26It has become.

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