"The only way to save the planet is to reduce the number of children born," British medical journal claims

Reduction of carbon dioxide and other issues related to the global warming issue is being questioned, but since the fundamental problem lies in this abnormal increase in this population rather than doing that, by reducing the number of children born The editorial that it is better to reduce the number of children born in the future in order to save this star is one of the world's five major medicine magazines, and the UK which is also highly internationally authoritative Medical journal "BMJ(British Medical Journal) ".

It is quite radical thought and idea, but the details are from the following.
Scientists: Save the planet - have fewer kids - chicagotribune.com

According to the editorial posted on BMJ, couples living in the UK should limit the number of children to two and reward them for global efforts to demand climate change and reduction of carbon dioxide by doing so "This is the simplest and most significant contribution, claiming that anyone can leave a planet that is suitable for our grandchildren to live in."

In fact the idea of ​​"reducing the population" has not been raised as an agenda in the international climate forum at present.

Also, according to John Guillebaud, a doctor of family planning in the UK, children born in a rich country like the United Kingdom and the United States are responsible for discharging 160 times the carbon dioxide emissions of children born in Ethiopia However, regarding such a population reduction plan, the number of children to have should be decided by thinking about our descendants.

The current global population is estimated to reach 6.7 billion, 950 billion by 2050.

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