To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the PreCure movie "Precure All Stars" Spring 2009 Roadshow

In commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the first Precure series' first work 'Futari wa Precure' started in 2004, the 5th anniversary special movie 'PreCure All Stars' will be a road show in spring 2009.

Just the latest movie "Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo! Candy Country Happy Birthday ♪" is showing on the screen, "Chorin Short PreCure All Stars GoGo Dream Live!" Is shown at the same time, but if you are a special movie It seems to be a long film.

Details are as below.
Movie Yes! PreCure 5 Goo! - Toei Animation -

The PreCure series is an animated series for girls broadcasting on TV Asahi series from 8:30 on Sunday morning. This frame started from the "Tenge hat memorial" in October 1984, in the time zone following the "Toei Super Sentai Series, Masked Rider Series" Super Hero Time ". In the past, anime for juveniles such as "Bikkuriman" series and "Maguar ☆ Taruto tor" and "GS ___ God" were broadcasted, but since March 1994 "Marmalade · Boy" "Neighborhood story" "From flower Male "and the original work of the girls' manga continued, and the" Crayon Kingdom of Dreams "started in September 1997 became an animation frame for girls.

"Ojamajo Doremi" that began in 1999 has become a popular work to be broadcasted over four years after being series. After that, in 2003 "tomorrow's naja" was broadcast, the current "Precure" series began in February 2004.

It is rare that the work of this frame is made into a movie, and it was only a cinema twice as a part of Toei Animation Fair (Toei Manga Festival until 1989) even in the series "Ojamajo Doremi" . Although Pretty Cure's first film 'Futari wa Precure' was not made into a movie, the sequel 'Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart' was filmed twice in April and December 2005, Movies are produced one by one.

According to Toei Animation's announcement at the earnings briefing in October, advance sale of "Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo! Country's Happy Birthday ♪" is the previous movie "Yes! Precure 5 Miracle of the country of the mirror Adventure! "By 156%, it says it sold more than 120,000 sheets. "Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!" Currently on air in the 5th series of the series will end in January 2009, but as there seems to be new developments for the sixth series, the PreCure series still seems to continue.

YES for theatrical version YES! PreCure 5 GoGo Advance Ticket Better 156% YoY

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