Site "flipping typical" that fully automates the font sample using the fonts installed in your computer

It is nice to be able to feel happy if you collect a lot of fonts, but when you think about to use it, it means that "which one is the best?", It sometimes keeps losing everlasting. Or, in fact, as a matter of fact, there are a number that can be remembered perfectly related to the font name and its shape. It is best to overlook the sample crossing over when the various fonts are applied while displaying the character string actually used.

A site which fully responds to such demand is to create this typeface sample fully automatically "Flipping typical"is. The point is that you use the fonts installed in your computer. It is very convenient because you can change the sample character string freely.

Details are as below.
Flipping typical

After accessing the above site and waiting for a while, the font is displayed in a staggered fashion

Click on the font name to be reflected on the top

If you delete the top letter, you can replace it with your favorite letters, so it is very useful

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