A movie in which a fish walks down the seabed with a pectoral fin

Before,A movie in which Umi lily walks the ocean floor with his armsAlthough it introduced, it is a movie the fish walks on the ocean floor this time. It is a kind of frog frog (former name: Isariuo) who is walking, it seems pretty like walking with chocolate chocolate using a short pectoral finish, it is not the case ....

The playback of the movie is from the following.
YouTube - XL 30 Strange fish

It is huge and I do not think that I can swim, as you can see, it is not such a big fish. Frogs are generally poorly swimming, they seem to be roaming around the ocean floor using pectoral fins like forepaws.

It is a little difficult to understand if it is a movie, but it is such a fish.

By rocketlassCreatice commons

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