Israel's "Wandering" missile system

Traditional missiles were launched toward the goal "visible" with naked eyes, radar, etc., or how to determine coordinates and skip towards there.

In recent years, however, as the development of unmanned weapons such as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has progressed, the idea of ​​"Loitering Attack Munition" was born to float in the air for the time being and jump into the target if found.

In the movie, even a fairly small goal is hit by hitting the center. Even if there are many lives if it is aimed at such things, it is not enough.

The details of startle is as follows

IAI Predicts Big UAV Market - And Unveils Loitering Missile

Air fair to be held from February 11th to 15thAero India 2009In the pre-seminar of Israel's aircraft manufacturerIAIThis UAV announced is equipped with a complex sensor and a radar guidance sensor, detects targets such as anti-aircraft radar and armored vehicles and semi-automatically destroys the target.

YouTube - Herop short

Inject from the container with a rocket booster

Rise to a certain altitude as it is

When the rocket fuel runs out, fly with a propeller. Since the target is assumed to be a relatively low speed such as a tank or a ship, there is no problem with this

Images that you can see that it is hard to supplement because the silhouette is much smaller than other fighters and helicopters

Supplementation of target

I capture a clear silhouette with infrared images

Descent according to the speed of the opponent. Aim is not blur

Hits near the center of the target

Explosion here if you have an explosive charge

According to the research team of the IAI, competition in the military industry seems to intensify further as US military already has a faster UAV driven by jet engines being put into practical use.

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