Access to YouTube's music video is blocked, negotiations between copyright holder and license fee do not agree

Because the revenue you received from YouTube was unthinkable enough,Warner Music requested to delete hundreds of thousands of uploaded videos after resolving affiliation with YouTubeWe previously told you at GIGAZINE that it became clear that access to the music video uploaded to YouTube in the UK was blocked this time.

Background is that negotiations on licensing fees did not come to terms with YouTube and rights holders' organizations.

Details are as follows.
YouTube, the UK and the Performing Rights Society for Music

According to YouTube's official blog, it seems that the renewal deadline has expired for licensing on the premium music video distribution that YouTube had concluded with PRS for music organizations that manage British music copyrights.

And when I tried to update the license, the negotiations broke because I was charged for a very expensive license fee that caused damage to YouTube side every time a music video was played from PRS for music.

Also, PRS for music does not try to disclose what songs will be available on YouTube, which is one reason that negotiations are difficult to negotiate, and although we are currently negotiating negotiations on license renewal , We are forced to make a hard choice to temporarily block access to music videos until it can be updated.

According to the release of PRS for music below, it is assumed that blocking access to music videos on YouTube this time is trampling on British consumers and copyright owners, then access to YouTube Despite a significant increase, we encourage Google, the parent company of YouTube who does not accept the increase in license fee, to reconsider the decision.

PRS for Music Statement in relation to Google / YouTube announcement

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