Pierced snake who has petted all the pet's maltese

It seems that there was an incident that pet males with a weight of 5.8 kg were totally rounded off by a python. Photographs of snakes swallowed with collars etc. are also taken, so that you can see that the body is an extraordinary thickness.

Details are as below.
Python makes meal of maltese terrier - Northern Territory News

Patty Buntine living in Catherine in Australia had a 3 - year - old multaresz Bindi. Buntine worried about Bindi who did not appear in the usual breakfast crawling around the house and found a strange snake on the way. The snake has a big belly like a big coconut swallowed, and Buntine noticed that Bindi was swallowed immediately.

Pierced swim swallowed Bindi

While receiving shock, Buntine is doing a collection of snakesReedy's ReptilesI called Ms. David Reed of.

"It is the first time I've seen that a snake bited dog is calling me or my puppy is just being dumped," David says. The weight of the snake which swallowed the dog was also 16 kg, and it seems that the snake has finished a meal with more than 60% of his weight.

After all it seems that Mary 's rescue could not be done, David said that the snake was digesting the malt even after one week passed.

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