Classic "cup iced cup ice cream added with a limited time chocolate mint flavor" Meiji Essel Super Cup "Taste Review

There are various kinds of cup ice, but among them the classic one can be called Meiji Dairies' Meiji Essel Super Cup. Usually three kinds of taste of vanilla, matcha, chocolate cookie are on sale, but in the summer time limited flavor "chocolate mint" appears. Just now it is getting hot and humid climate because it is a rainy season break, so I bought a limited time "chocolate mint" and "super vanilla" and tried it.

Also, as I always felt that "New" was written in the lid, I asked Meiji Dairies about the mystery.

Review from below.
Meiji Essel Super Cup

Super vanilla of "Meiji Essser Super Cup" which can be seen anywhere much as a store selling ice, such as convenience stores and supermarkets.

And for a limited time chocolate mint. It is always limited to summer, but is it bad for mint flavors except summer?

One vanilla is 374 kcal, one chocolate mint is 350 kcal.

raw materials. To vanillaAnato dye(Yellow prime), for chocolate mintSpirulina pigment(Blue stuff) is contained in it.

Open the lid and feel like this.

Certainly vanilla is yellowish.

And chocolate mint is colored light blue.

Vanilla is like a royal road, yolk and milky sweetness. It may be because it continues to preserve the taste of the royal road that reigns as a staple.

Chocolate mint has a refreshing flavor of mint and a texture of chocolate chip. The aftertaste is refreshing and it will be a bit cooler after eating.

Even after many years from the launch, CM was doing as a new release "Ken chan ramen"Like the Meiji Essel Super Cup, the feeling that" New "is always written on the left shoulder part of the lid, so I asked Meiji Dairies," When "Chocolate mint" and "Melon" Since it is a limited flavor, it is written "New" in the sense that it is new each time it is released, "super vanilla" "green tea" "chocolate cookie" has been released throughout the year has improved flavor and richness "vanilla feeling up "I am attaching" New "by saying" raising the feeling of cacao "". If I look it up, it certainly seems that "New" was not written before.

The current super vanilla. Since it was improved, it says "Vanilla feeling up". Previously it was written as "the royal road of vanilla".

Apparently the Meiji Essel Super Cup seemed to evolve steadily without knowing.

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