A collision accident occurred at Disney World's monorail, one driver died

There seems to have occurred an accident at the Disney World in Florida where one of the monorail collided and one driver of the driver died. There were six passengers on the monorail, but it was said that this was safe. Disney World has operated a monorail for 38 years, but it seems that this was my first injury.

Details are as below.
One Cast Member Dead in Disney Monorail Crash | The Disney Blog

Monorail driver Austin Wuennenberg (21) died.

Accident vehicle. It seems that the formation on the left side of the screen · a piece with a peach-colored band attached to the purple belt formation on the right side.

At Disney World there were fireworks launches etc on this day, usually at 22 o'clock it was extended to closed at 1 o'clock (25 o'clock) at 22 o'clock. The accident occurred around 2 o'clock in the evening, the formation of the peach band ended the operation with the EPCOT line, it was supposed to head for a resort line with a monorail base for maintenance check, but the driver did not notice I entered the Ticket and Transportation Center station (TTC station) of the EPCOT line as it was. On the other hand, the purple band organization was carrying a pair of families from Magic Kingdom to the parking lot, waiting for the formation of the peach belt to move to the resort line.

The TTC station that was shown at the bottom center of the screen was the accident scene.

It is not clear why the driver of the other organization did not respond, although the formation of the peach band approached. A monorail is a system in which a driver is getting in every formation, and if there is another organization within the blocked section, it is a system that applies brakes automatically, but it can also be canceled manually , It is now possible to check whether the course is clear with the control system, and this accident is seen as a tragedy in which multiple human errors overlapped.

Inside the TTC station immediately after the accident.

First part of the vehicle collapsed at the time of a collision.

The TTC station became the transfer station of the monorail.

Up to now, Disney World has operated a monorail for 38 years, but it seems that there was a death accident for the first time.

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