Figures of Revy the "Two Hand" and Deadly Twins from "Black Lagoon" shown at WF2009[Summer]

Rei Hiroe's "Black Lagoon" serialized on Monthly Sunday GX has become popular among action manga fan for its extreme depiction of the gangs and gunfighters in Roanapur, a fictional city set somewhere in Thai.

Waiting for its third anime adaption in 2010, it's surely a long-hit manga and there were many dealers selling related models and cos-players doing characters at Wonder Festival 2009 [Summer]. We are going to show you some of them, Levi the two-handed and Hansel and Gretel, deadly twins from the episode "Bloodsport Fairy Tale".

Read on for detail.

MADHANDS had dual-wielding Revy

Sedately smoking during gunfight is her way of relaxing.

She's named "Two Hand" for dual-wielding her Sword Cutlass, customized Beretta 92F.

Yu-nekodo had Hansel and Gretel.

Despite their gentle looks, they are deadly, lusting for muder by a past tragedy. Insanely they exchange their individuality by trading their clothes.

The short-haired one is called "My dear brother"

His main weapon is the axe under his foot.

Don't get taken in by his sweet face. They rattled whole Roanapur gangs.

The long-haired one called "My dear sister"

She uses a BAR rifle.

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