"WaterDog Automatic Pet Fountain" where water automatically comes out when a pet approaches

There are various kinds of pet supplies such as trays where foods automatically come out at time, but there seems to be a dispenser for pets that automatically gets water when the pet approaches.

When going out a little such as shopping, it is good for pets that fresh water comes out when a pet wants to drink water because it is hygienically not good to keep water in the tray .

Details are from the following.
This is "WaterDog Automatic Pet Fountain"

I use it by attaching to a faucet of a tap.

Water will come out automatically when the pet approaches within 3 feet (about 1 meter).

It is just too strong not too weak under pressure.

"WaterDog Automatic Pet Fountain" is sold at 79 $ 50 cents (about 7300 yen) at the following site.

WaterDog Automatic Pet Fountain - Frontgate

There seems to be an automatic water siller even in Japan, but it seems rare that it is high-tech.

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