"Tetris'D" flash game gives you an alternative TETRIS experience

Born in Soviet Union in the late Cold War era, TETRIS has been giving so much pleasure not only to keen gamers but also various people who needs easy kill-time.

Themed on this beloved game, "Tetris' D" succeeded in earning a completely different face. Being a stickman, players run and jump to dodge TETRIS blocks dropping from the sky.

Read on for detail.

Play Tetris'D Game - Stick Figures - Games and Movies

Click "Play Tetris'd" to start game play.

Use 4 arrow keys or WASD key to move and jump and dodge blocks. Press keys longer for a higher jump.

"K" keys to crawl up blocks. Press "J" for wall jump while in midair.

"K" key movement is a point for your survival(a higher score). The key enables player to escape these close situations.

92.04 seconds.

They also got game-based flash movies. They are also fun.
Play Tetris'D - Stick Figures - Games and Movies

Play Tetris'D 2 - Stick Figures - Games and Movies

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