Various kinds of animals that became unusually large

It is a picture of an animal that has become so big that it can not be normal.

There are things that I think are from mutual thoughts that owner thinks it is too cute.

Details are from the following.
9 of the World's Biggest Animals - (largest animals)

A huge dog named "Hercules". It is 38 inches around the neck (about 95 cm) and weighs 282 pounds (about 130 kg).

This is the tallest dog, the name is "Gibson." The length is 42.2 inches (about 1 meter), but when you stand with two legs it seems to be about 170 cm.

The world's largest liger (creatures multiplied by the lion and tiger). Weighing 900 pounds (about 410 kg)

A huge catfish found in Thailand. He said he was 9 feet (about 2.7 meters) in length.

The giant cattle named "Chile" has a height of 6 feet 6 inches (about 2 meters) and weighs more than 1 ton.

A huge horse named "Beta". He said he would drink 20 gallons (about 75 liters) of water a day and eat 18 lbs (8 kg) of food at a size of 7 feet 71.2 inches (about 4 meters) and weight 2400 pounds (about 1090 kg) .

Fat whole pigs. He is 2.5 meters and weighs 900 kg. There are 2.23 meters around the waist, and Kiba is 14.4 centimeters.

Huge stingray. It seems that it took 90 minutes for 13 people to lift this rays.

A whale shark, which is also 10 meters away. The weight was 8 tons. It has already been disconnected ... ....

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