I have seen the largest distribution center "Amazon Sakai FC" in Japan that supports the huge mail-order site "Amazon.co.jp"

Coupled with a wide range of items such as fashion, home appliances, foods, miscellaneous goods and reasonable prices such as free shipping on purchase of more than 1500 yen, it is a major base that supports the huge mail-order site "Amazon.co.jp" Newly established in Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture last year "Amazon Sakai FC (Fulfillment Center)I have seen.

Unfortunately we could not do internal shooting because the publicity system was not set up in the same FC, but as it boasts the largest floor area of ​​69,923 square meters, which is the largest in the country, In addition to being able to discover a very rare "Amazon bus".

Details are as below.
This is the distribution center "Amazon Sakai FC" at Amazon.co.jp located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

On the wall there is an Amazon.co.jp logo

I went round the other side. There are a lot of bicycles that are supposed to belong to employees in the bicycle parking lot

I looked up. Anyway it's huge ...

The entrance looks like this

There was an Amazon bus which seems to be for employee pickup

Will it be carried in or out of goods

Shipper's track

Inside was supposed to be like this

I found a second Amazon bus while I was moving. Both are unique coloring

In order to grasp the whole picture of "Amazon Sakai FC", as seen from Osaka City Suminoe Ward side

With the operation of Amazon Sakai FC,"In the hurry on the day" can be used also in KansaiWill there be plans to establish bases in major cities around the country in the future? Although I could not interview the interior because the publicity system is not prepared at the same FC, I would definitely like to look inside.

For the location of Amazon Sakai FC please refer to the map below.

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