Mischievous movie using Destroyer's post that makes the letters you roll apart

It is a movie shot in the Netherlands that shows the state of mischief that makes the illusion as if the letter that posted was attached to the shredder, attaching something like the shredder's ejected part to the post.

People who sent letters strangely looking at posts from various angles, but unexpectedly nobody is angry. Is the heart of the people of the Netherlands wide, or the paper coming out of the shredderA blank piece of perillaBecause it was, it is where I am concerned because it was Morrovale.

Details are as below.
The movie starts with the playing "Dabada-bada ♪", but in contrast to that the title of the movie is "mail is dying" (dying letter) is exquisite.

I stand up my thumb and I am signaling the readiness. I just finished plugging the outlet into a plug, but it is a badly cool movement.

Meanwhile, beside the post, fellows and young adults are installing something in the bottom of the post.

What kind of reaction would people do if I looked like letters mailed apart? 」Telop.

When a letter is posted, it seems that paper like this shredded comes out like this. However, even if you see it, only a blank sheet of paper has been chopped up, so it will not happen if the target is outdated immediately, regardless of the type of mail that the target issued ......

A man who brought a letter by cycling.

I will leave the place quickly.

I felt somewhere funny again, I came back to the post.

I'm peering still at the post.

A man who came to send a letter.

On the verge of putting a letter in the post, I will notice anomalies.

I am staring at the direction of the day after tomorrow. Have you noticed the presence of the camera?

I do not think so, and I began to observe the mountain of shredder 's ejected paper gently.

While I was suspicious of the state of the post, I seem to have decided to send a letter.

The moment the young lady inserted the letter to the post, the paper fell downwards from the bottom. I have not finished posting yet ....

A lady who is blind. It seems that the mischief 's intention is not well transmitted. It is this mischievous feeling that the claws seem to be sweet somewhere, but on the contrary, it is because sweet claws are sweet, perhaps there is a part that can be done with smiling mischief.

You can watch a series of contents including reactions of people who returned before the post here.
YouTube - Mail is dying

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