Concept model of jeans with built-in keyboard for those who want to typing anytime and anywhere

For people who wish to "typing comfortably even on the road," it is a concept model of jeans with built-in keyboard.

In order to realize the concept of merging the keyboard and jeans, although it has a built-in keyboard for forcing, it has become a design that seems to be choosing quite a person.

Details are from the following.
Erik De Nijs - Beauty is skin deep, Geekness is to the core ... >> Yanko Design

This is a keyboard built-in jeans. On the right side is a wireless mouse connected by a belt. There is no way to use it as a keyboard, but the keys are arranged even to the inner stool, it is quite bold design.

Each key can actually be typed. The key pitch is also not bad.

Used like this. Although it seems to be putting a keyboard on the knee at first glance, it is integrated with pants.

You can use the mouse properly.

This jeans was designed by Mr. Erik De Nijs,GeekIt seems that the concept is a fusion of. I do not know in the picture, but a joystick for the game behind the front zipper, a thin speaker is built in the knee part.

It seems quite difficult when I go to the toilet.

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