A man who thought that the onset of rabies would be prevented and who ate the heart of the dog

A terrible illness that is said to die nearly 100% if it develops "Rabies". In modern medicine, there is no established treatment method, and in Japan, it is obligatory to register dogs with municipalities in the municipality and vaccinate once a rabies vaccine by rabies prevention law, but in some circumstances it becomes a stray dog ​​due to some circumstances I do not know that vaccines are being ingested for dogs that have gone.

It seems that a man feared that rabies is caught by a stray dog ​​with many such uncertainties and thought that the onset of rabies could be prevented, and eaten the stray dog's heart.

Is this man okay?

Details are from the following.
Man eats dog's heart to 'prevent rabies' after bite

According to this article, there are some men who ate dogs' hearts to escape from the onset of rabies in the village on the outskirts of Jalkhand in Eastern India. Male's name is Chukna Ganju (30 years old). It seems that Mr. Chukna was bitten by a stray dog ​​that plagues the neighborhood on the street on February 27th local time.

Chukna, who thought that she might get rabies by being caught in a stray dog, thought that if you eat the heart of a dog you can escape the onset, catch this dog and dress the stone a number of times and stray dogs Killing. He said he ate the heart by disassembling the corpse of the dog with scissors.

The next day, I heard local reporters who visited Chukna said that "There is no influence of rabies already, since I ate the heart of the dog, there is no need to take care of the doctor."

As India has the most deaths from rabies in the world, I know that there is strong warning against rabies, but I do not know why I thought it would be okay if I eat my dog's heart, and I wonder if it really works Will remain.

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