Calendar application "TwitCal" to tweet and share appointments with Twitter and iPhone

this"TwitCalYou can "tweet" the schedule or event you want to tell a large number of opponents to followers on Twitter, followers check the detailed information on the browser, if you are a follower using "TwitCal" you can add your own "TwitCal An application for iPhone / iPod touch that enables you to import schedules directly to. It is possible to continuously follow the calendar of the sender of the murmured schedule and share the schedule directly among users.

Also, you can send e-mails with calendar files (.ics) attached to PC users, widgets for Mac OS dashboards are provided, and in the future "Google Calendar" and various groupware etc It is expected to be able to cooperate with other calendar applications, various applications with date related information such as "Evernote", and API will also be provided.

Details are as below.

Infoteria, Twitter compatible "Connecting" official release of the iPhone calendar "TwitCal"

The logo looks something like this

Hybrid display of month / day

Month display

2 weeks indication

Day indication

List display

Detailed information display of the event. From here you can share and mumble.

The place where the notification by the event tweet succeeded.

Muted events are displayed like this.

The offer price is 350 yen ($ 2.99).

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