Ten prestigious cute animals that are about to become habitually addictive once

Ten animals were picked up as the prettiest animals.

Dogs and cats are not chosen at all and they are pretty much a professional favorite choice, but once you are caught in the heart you can not leave, there is a habit of cuddling exploding.

Details are as below.
Top 10 Cutest Creatures Ever - Listverse

1: Yohjiwo

A member of Seahorse, a long long nose is a pretty animal. Most live in sea water, but seems to have some species living in fresh water slightly.

2: European mole

Because European moles spend most of their lives in the basement, it is known that vision is very weak. Sometimes it is treated as a pest because it destroys the field, but especially this type of mole has a humorous appearance that seems to come to manga anyhow. By the way, it seems that it is impossible to disinfect moles without permission in Germany.

3: Kiwi

It is a name that comes to mind of fruits, but this is a kiwi of birds. A kiwi inhabiting New Zealand seems to have survived by having a sharp sense of smell, featherless regrowing birds that can not fly, but it seems that they are now in danger of extinction. Also, kiwi eggs are very big, about 20% of their parents weight.

4: Angola rabbit

It looks like The · pillow, it looks like cotton candy, but this is Angola rabbit which is a type of rabbit. Although it seems to be too rude, it seems that comfortable wool is used for clothes, but yarn seems to be produced without hurting the rabbit.

5: Puffer fish

Fukuro who swells and puffs puffy with stimulation is very cute and it has been lineup as simply "puffer" because I could not choose only one kind. Fugu is the smallest in vertebratesgenomeHe seems to possess.

6: Yozuyu Hedgehog

It is small compared with other hedgehog types. There are images that the needle may be cramped, but also in Japan, it is raised as a pet. Some areas such as Hawaii seem to have banned breeding as pets.

7: Dwarf hamster

Dwarf hamsters that they were chosen to be smaller than other species. After all, in loving animals, is it that small things are good?

8: Manatee

I think that this time it is the appearance of quite big animals. Manatee is a herbivorous unlike whales, and surprisingly there seem to be a toe that has degenerated ahead of the fin.

9: caterpillar

Animals chosen from this surprising direction came here. It seems that many caterpillars feel comfortable for those who feel that they are cute as caterpillar caterpillars as in this photograph. Although it is difficult for all people to cute, it seems to be pretty popular for some people. In the state of Ohio, USA, the caterpillar festival is held once, the caterpillar fashion show is the main It is that it is an event.

10: Shimeimeikui

This female quiche was also chosen because it is still the smallest of all the ants. It is also small and it is small enough to ride it in your hand, but please be careful as the claw is very heavy.

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