I ate a huge "giga hormone" with a total length of 50 cm at the cow horn

From the 26th October beef horn "Giga hormoneIt seems that we started offering "so we went to eat at once.

Hormones are meat of internal organs, which are basically chewy parts and are often provided in small cuts, but "giga hormone" is a 50 cm long hormone baked as it is, on top of the net It is pretty dazzling to cut with. I tried to eat and compare how much it is different from normal hormones.

Review from below.
Hormone is also horseshoes Limited giga hormone 690 yen (735 yen including tax) New menu enormous! | I want to eat yakiniku with charcoal "Beef horn"

Arrived at the beef horn.

It seems like a recommended menu around Bukkake Lee oil de Negikalbi, Colohol.

However, it is still this first "giga hormone" (725 yen including tax) that you must order first.

"Colohol" (410 yen including tax), "Tramle" (410 yen tax), "Hormone" (515 yen including tax) also ordered for comparison.

And first, giga hormone arrived. Since it is a bunch, you may think that it looks like "Is that so small?"

But I grabbed the edge and lifted it ...... It certainly is long!

The total length 50 cm is not Date.

I will put a circle around the net and draw it. Juju.

Since the space on the net was empty for the first time to shrink, we decided to start baking ordinary hormones.

This is a hormonal salt.

This is a hormone miso.

When giga hormone is baked cut it with this scissors and eat it to make it easy to eat. As expected it is unreasonable to eat one as it is.

Chock clock.

Cut completion. Fungus' mouthfeel texture and melting and melting fat combine with the sweetness of sauce to appetite. If you have white rice, it is likely to be replaced with rice with hormones. This time I cut it to the same size as ordinary hormone, but those who want to enjoy more texture more firmly seem to be able to be more happy if they cut to a larger size.

The ordinary hormones also baked. Because there is a peculiar habit, I felt that Miso was more delicious than salt.

This is a colopholic salt. According to the clerk, the smell was the taste, but I did not care much if I baked and eat it.

Colohor miso sauce. Because it is thinner than ordinary hormones, people who like that hormon texture may be unsatisfactory. There was also a big part like a lump in a little, and it was a thing that you can enjoy the texture firmly there.

Loose meat of cheeks, tsurami salt.

Tsurami miso sauce.

To be honest, each one is rather small and it is delicious, but it makes me feel "more! It might be better if you ordered a little more and baked it on the net in a stretch.

Now that the hormones have ended, we will continue into the original menu.

"King Harami" (725 yen including tax), salt butter and miso garlic.

It is quite large so please cut it with scissors and eat it.

This deck, I do not collect.

A solid thickness is really juicy like a steak. However, it is a drawback that it takes a bit of time before you can burn it just large.

Next, "Bukkake Lee oil de Negi Calvi" (620 yen including tax).

One dish you eat with baked Calvi on this plenty of Negirara oil.

Since Calvi is diluted, it baked soon.

I will put a few drops of rice oil there.

"I thought that it is also a raillage piggyback product", but this linseed oil that compensated for the mouthfeel made with plenty of green onions is very delicious. Of course, the compatibility with the meat is also perfect, "Why did not you ever kore out !?" If this rice oil is a beef horn original, it seems that it is the emergence of pretty cool rice oil following Momoya, S & amp; B.

"Galibatakalbi" (515 yen including tax).

Heat the dish with garlic butter on the net, melt the butter, eat it with calvi.

I like the fragrant smell of butter and garlic.

It may be glad that you can taste butter flavor with grilled meat grilled meat.

"Tsukimi Calbi" (620 yen including tax).

As you can see, we eat grilled Calbi on eggs.

In the sukiyaki style, the meat of the part with little sauce feels that the taste loses to the egg.

"Cheese fondue chicken basil" (620 yen including tax).

I baked garlic butter the other time, but this time I will melt the cheese and eat it as a cheese fondue.

Chicken meat with melted cheese and eating it is an item that I can not think of as a menu of grilled meat shop. Rich cheese is exceptional. However, the chunk itself has a small chunk ... ....

And to the side menu. This is "peanut sprouts spicy spicy namle" (305 yen including tax). Is it because the bean (sprout) part is firmer than the normal bean sprout because it is a bean sprout born from peanuts?

"Negi oil oil dekko" (410 yen including tax). Something to eat cold ladle oil to eat.

It is a dish that I want to imitate even at home, this combination that can not be fine. Ideal for snacks.

"Korean style king like kakko" (regular size, tax included 490 yen). Warm egg eggs are on but the yolks are ripe. A little spicy sauce is applied and food advances.

I cooked all of the excess oil that I had left cold and I pounded it. It is a point to eat too much of the place where you eat larceny ... ....

At the end I decided to tighten it with Taichi de 's dessert.

Grilled chicken ice cream (305 yen including tax). There are Matcha and vanilla.

Grill the surface on a net and eat it.

I did not quite understand how much it should be broiled, but I was dissatisfied with a small size.

"Maple na Ponte vanilla" (200 yen including tax).

We grind the dough and eat it with vanilla ice on it.

You can enjoy the gap between crispy texture and cold vanilla ice cream when you bake until it gets crisp.

And at the end "Raw caramel de peach vanilla" (305 yen including tax). Broil the raw caramel and eat it with vanilla ice cream.

It is tricky to work hard until it is burning.

Giga hormone shrinks while being baked and the impact of size is limited to just before baking, but it is not a delicious thing that tends to be found in such a big menu, it is an item that is comparable to ordinary hormones. Rather, I can cut it to the size of my choice, so I think that those who are dissatisfied with "It is small and eating hormone is normal ..." is surely a satisfactory item.

This time I ordered only one to eat other hormones, but I felt that it would be pretty happy if I ordered two or three at the same time and baked it at once.

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