How to alleviate symptoms of "premenstrual syndrome (PMS)" Summary

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS: ​​premenstrual syndrome)About 80% of women have experienced before menstruation"I feel irritated" "I feel sick" "I feel sick"The symptoms of. This symptom occurs about two weeks before the menstruation (luteal phase), when the basal body temperature rises by 0.3 - 0.5 ℃ compared to normal time.

The PMS is not widely known and it is the fact that there are gaps in recognition not only among men but also among women. People who are afflicted with PMS are the best enemies who are unresponsive and that there are people who do not even notice that they are suffering from the PMS and that they are "crispy habit" from the surroundings Because there is a possibility that it is possible and the cause has not been specified yet treatment is not yet established and now it is mainstream to aim at relieving symptoms by improving medication or lifestyle habits.

So, a way to alleviate the painful symptoms somehow is summarized below.How to relieve symptoms of PMS

1: low dose pill


The pill is a female hormone drug that is also used for contraception and contains a small amount of estrogen and progesterone secreted during pregnancy,Suppresses ovulation by making body's hormonal balance resemble pregnancyIt is a medicine to do. Besides contraceptive effect, there are utilities such as PMS and mental pain reduction.

What do you drink for low-dose pills?

Drinking a low dose pill has this utility.
* Reliable contraception
* Reduction of menstrual pain · PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
* Improvement of acne / hirsutism
* Improvement of menstrual irregularity (menstrual cycle becomes regular)
Adjustment of menstrual schedu
Also, long-term ingestion of low-dose pills has side effects such as ovarian cancer, uterine body cancer, and decreased breast benign disease.
Therefore, some people start drinking low-dose pills because they are severe in menstrual pain, some people start drinking pills for more reliable and reliable contraception, others who start to drink menstrual irregularities There are a variety of reasons.

It is necessary to drink 1 tablet a day for a low dose pill every day at a fixed time but it has the utility as described above and is thought to be most effective in alleviating symptoms of PMS. For that reason, treatment in the obstetrics and gynecology is often based on the pill, and my own hospital is promoting treatment by the pill as well.

Since low-dose pills have various hormone content and so on, it is also important to find what fits yourself. Whether it matches the body or is not matched is that there is a place that you do not know if you do not drink for a certain period of time and depending on your doctor you try drinking for 3 months and if you do not see any improvement in your physical condition then try another one There seem to be people.

Low-dose pills are out of the insurance application and are sold at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at around 2,000 yen to 3,000 yen per sheet (one month worth). Although it is possible to acquire it at a cheaper price by personal import, it is necessary to do it at the risk as it will be dealt with by an overseas trader or import agency at an individual's own risk. Regardless of whether it is a personal import or a hospital purchase, it is important to regularly check about once a year, and it is important to make sure that there are no side effects or no abnormalities occur in the body.

For details about the structure of the pill and the history of authorization in Japan, the following site is detailed.

How to talk to the pill

2: Improve eating habits


Since the disorder of nutritional balance may be directly linked at the time when symptoms of PMS appear, improvement of dietary habits is also part of treatment. Foods that you would like to eat aggressively and foods that should be avoided conversely are listed below.


· Food you want to act positively
Beans (tofu, natto, miso)

Green-yellow vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, spinach)

Seaweed (seaweed, seaweed, hijiki, seaweed)

Vegetable oils (olive oil, soybean oil, safflower oil)

Seeds (sesame, peanut and almonds)

Cereals not refined (brown rice, soba)

· Food you want to avoid
Sugar (white sugar, juice)

Salinity (salt, pickles, bacon, ham)

Caffeine (coffee · tea · Japanese tea · chocolate)

Alcohol (beer, sake, cocktail)

Additives (processed foods / ready-made foods)

Bleached wheat flour and its processed products (pan · cake · pasta)

Sugar temporarily raises blood sugar to calm the mood, but due to the subsequent sharp decline in blood glucose level it will rather make you feel unstable, and if you take too much salt your body swells I will. Since caffeine contained in coffee and tea may promote spiritual upsides, it is told to avoid as much as possible during the PMS period as much as possible.

In addition, when the symptoms of PMS appear strongly, it may be caused by a shortage of nutrients, so it seems that there may be times when relieving if you care about nutritional balance or taking specific vitamins in that period.The mental symptoms of PMS are said to be effective calcium · magnesium contained in soy food and vegetables. Also, to activate female hormones, vitamin B6 contained in fishes and levers such as tuna, mackerel, sardines and so on, and zinc contained in shellfish and levers are effective.

However, there are many women who usually change preference of food before menstruation, want to eat junk food asexually, or want to eat sweet things. To the contrary to such a change, it is necessary to pay attention to overdose of sugar and salt to improve PMS symptoms, but if you do not take any of them you will get stressed and you will get stressed I think that it is easier for people who follow their own needs to spend a certain amount of time if they do not eat too much personally.

Premenstrual women do not keep blood glucose level constant and mental symptoms are more likely to occur with the action of adrenaline. It is good to eat meals (especially carbohydrates) in small amounts, because the blood sugar level rises and falls at the general meal pace of 3 meals a day. Even from personal experiences, when PMS symptoms appear, it is not three meals a day but divided into 4 to 5 times a day to frequently take a meal, relatively physical condition is upward, hard Even if symptoms appeared, it did not get worse.

Treatment of PMS (premenstrual syndrome), coping method

When carbohydrates are insufficient, adrenaline, which is a neurotransmitter, is released, but if this happens, mental symptoms such as symptoms of PMS and becoming prone to happen will become stronger.

Premenstrual syndrome ~ cause - decrease in blood sugar level

Women of PMS think that becoming irritated wanting to eat and actually overeating when there comes before menstruation. Or perhaps the body feels as if you are feeling sick, your hands and legs may feel numb.
These are related to lowering blood glucose levels.
Normally, women are said to be able to spend 4-5 hours until the blood glucose level drops and triggers adrenaline leach. (Men are longer, 6 to 7 hours)
However, before the menstruation, the level of the lower limit adjustment mechanism is raised and adrenaline leaking occurs in about 3 hours.
Women of PMS can not bear to not eat for a long time.

3: Do not stress

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It is often said that stress is the source of all kinds of diseases, but PMS is no exception. It is known that the symptoms of stress and PMS are related, and it tends to become a depressed mood (depression state).

Do not bother with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) - symptoms etc.

It is clear that stress affects PMS (premenstrual syndrome). So why is stress and PMS (premenstrual syndrome) related? First of all, it is thought that serotonin decreases. There is a substance called serotonin, which acts to transmit nerve stimulation in the brain. Serotonin is secreted from the end of the nerve fiber and plays a role in transmitting nerve information. It is known that this serotonin decreases before menstruation. The theory that this serotonin reduction before menstruation is the cause of psychological symptoms is also strongly considered. Also, accumulation of stress reduces the secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain. It is thought that stress spurs serotonin deficiency condition and exacerbates psychological symptoms. Then, β-endorphin may be reduced. It is said that beta-endorphin secreted in the brain and having the action of morphine declines sharply when it comes before menstruation, resulting in mental influence and depressive state.

Because it is easy to manifest psychological symptoms when you take stress, you can relieve mental symptoms by eliminating from various angles, such as aromatherapy, bathing relaxation, or being absorbed in hobbies.

Premenstrual syndrome ~ cause - PMS and stress

Among women of PMS, women who strongly complain of psychiatric symptoms seem to tend to accumulate stress originally. It is negative to PMS and it can not survive the time well, so it seems that it itself becomes a stress and exacerbates its own symptoms furthermore. In order to avoid such a vicious circle, try to reduce the stress on a daily basis and try not to have negative emotions also against PMS.

Women with strong mental symptoms seem to be bearish in their original characters and tend to be less resistant to stress. But at its root, there is a vicious circle of feeling a stress due to having a negative emotion against PMS and even being a woman himself, causing unnecessary worse symptoms of PMS.

For a while, I also felt troubled about not being cured of PMS, and I really wanted to stop being a woman seriously. However, even if you have a negative emotion, nothing starts and the symptoms are getting worse, so you may need more room to enjoy the improvement of symptoms with the feeling of capturing the game and refreshing.

4: Movement

PMS countermeasure available at home ~ life story - [gynecologic diseases · women's illness] All About

It seems that women who are aerobic exercise tend to have less symptoms of PMS. Actually, I do not know without knowing, because there are many people who incorporate exercise by themselves, is not there some people who think?

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to do aerobic exercise for at least 3 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes. Why do not you go jogging once in the middle of the week, 1.2 times over the weekend or try swimming? It is good to say that you take a walk for about an hour on a sunny day.

It is said that PMS symptoms are alleviated by exercising as a habit. There are strict things to do at times when symptoms come out, so if you do it normally, you can lighten PMS symptoms.It is easier for a person who works on something in a favorite field for long lasting exerciseis. Jogging or swimming as an example of aerobic exercise is not necessarily sticking to it because it is written. Personally, cycling was fun and I tried going bicycle to the destination of shopping, etc., the physical condition of the month was relatively upward.

5: SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)


Of the people with symptoms of PMS, 5 to 8% of people have a very strong mental symptomPMDD (premenstrual mood disorder)It may be diagnosed as. It may have strong mental anxiety, go to violent behavior, hugging from severe depression to suicidal desire. In short, we mainly diagnose women with PMS patients who are very heavy mental symptoms as PMDD.

It is said that it is effective for treating the symptoms considered to be PMDD and also the mental symptoms of PMSSSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)It is a type of antidepressant. It acts on the reabsorption of serotonin in the synapse and improves depressive symptoms, it has a remedy for serotonin thought to be lowered by the action of luteinizing hormone and follicle hormone. Symptoms such as sick feelings and nausea may appear as side effects,Often disappears with continuation of taking 1 to 4 weeksTherefore, when taking it, you have to try it for a certain period of time.

Do not bother with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) - symptoms etc.

Recently this premenstrual symptom (PMS (premenstrual syndrome)) is associated with serotonin dysfunction, one of the brain transmitters, and a new type of antidepressant drug SSRI (selective serotonin re- It has been found that an uptake inhibitor) is effective.

One of the causes of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a decrease in the activity of serotonin. The antidepressant aims to activate serotonin from the view that this serotonin action is closely related to the causes of psychiatric symptoms such as depression, anxiety, aggression, and declining concentration in PMS (premenstrual syndrome) , PMS (premenstrual syndrome) to improve.

Recently, various SSRIs have been developed and confirmed to be effective against PMS (premenstrual syndrome). In addition, SSRI has fewer side effects compared to conventional antidepressants, and it is also beneficial for it to be easy to take. It can be said that it is suitable for those who have strong psychological symptoms such as depression, among PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Prescription may be done at obstetrics and gynecology etc, but if not prescribed, it will be prescription in psychiatry department.

6: supplement · traditional Chinese medicine


Supplementing with nutrients that are difficult to compensate by eating alone is also effective in relieving symptoms. Since it is not an immediate effect, it is necessary to continue taking it for 2 to 3 months and see the effect.

Menstrual irritated ... PMS cancellation supplement - [Beautiful supplement] All About

■ Theanine (tea)
Theanine is a kind of amino acid contained in tea, it is a relaxing ingredient. However, because tea contains caffeine that excites the body, it is not recommended to drink in large quantities. When using it as PMS care, please try using beverages or supplements that extract only theanine. If you use it when you feel disturbed spiritual balance, you will calm your emotions.

Γ-linolenic acid (gamma linolenic acid)
Gamma-linolenic acid is a type of fatty acid and has attracted attention as a component for preparing female hormones. It is also recommended for people who suffer from menstrual cramps in addition to PMS. It helps to keep hormone balance by continuing taking not only PMS but also every day.
Evening primrose
· Matsuyoshiya

■ Chest Tree (Italian carrot / carrot carrot)
It is a herb that normalizes hormone balance and has been used for improving breast milk and for infertility treatment. It helps to keep hormone balance by continuing taking not only PMS but also every day.

It is better to avoid combining with low volume pills such as vitamin C and herbal St John's Wort, so be careful as there are supplements. However, since it may have a positive effect on PMS symptom improvement if it is unitary, you may choose supplements according to the situation.

Do not drink vitamin C with pills? - [Beautiful Supplement] All About

Speaking of staple of beautiful skin supplements, vitamin C. Its vitamin C, but it seems necessary to use a bit of caution in combination with the pill.

In 1981 Briggs Medical Journal Briggs MH's paper has this report.
"Twelve recipients of low-dose pills (trickiller, trifadil, nordelette) take 50 mg or 1000 mg of vitamin C supplement with pills. As a result, it was found that when the pill user ingests a large amount of vitamin C, even a low estrogen pill will have the same strong action as the high estrogen pill. "

That is, even if you take a low dose pill, the same effect as the high dose pill will be given. That means that side effects will also come out strongly. The side effects of pills such as migraine and nausea are people, but those who care about side effects should be careful with vitamin C in combination.

It is known that when used in combination with a pill, the effect of the pill is weakened by interaction with S. john's wort. Even if you take a pill for contraception, the possibility of pregnancy increases if the action becomes weak. Also, if you are using a pill for treatment such as endometriosis, if the action of the pill weakens it will interfere with the treatment of the disease, so the pill user should avoid combining Century's Wort.

It is said that PMS is effective for taking Chinese herbal medicine. Where there is treatment at obstetrics and gynecology, you can also prescribe by health application. As well as supplements, we need to try not to match it fit for 2 to 3 months.

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Oriental medicine may also be effective for symptoms such as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), irregular menstruation, menstrual pain and so on.
Keishige Rikujo Maru, Kei Shakuyaku (Mr. Tokuda Shakuyaku), Yokukansan (Good Kan)

Even among females, although there is a common recognition that "the condition of the body worsens before menstruation", because symptoms vary widely among people, PMS is a disease difficult to understand easily. While some people have mild symptoms that do not interfere in everyday life, there are also people who are severely symptomatic and may fall asleep every month, but often they do not notice that both are due to a common cause called PMS . And many people misunderstand that people who have heavy symptoms "are due to spirituality" or "I am a constitution that makes me feel ill at ease".

In fact, even I myself did not know the existence of PMS until I entered college, I regularly thought that it was a matter of my personality despite periodically feeling a depressed mood or feeling dizzy and not able to move from the bed It was. When I started taking low-volume pills from my friend's advice during my college years, although I was not completely resolved, the symptoms were dramatically improved, and now I am trying to improve symptoms from other approaches while taking pills It is.

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