Sony announced that it takes time to restore "PSN (PlayStation Network)", shadows of hacker group behind

A situation in which Sony can not access the online service "PlayStation Network" provided for PS3 and PSP has been ongoing since April 21 (Thursday), but it was announced that it will take time to recover.

It is said that this obstacle is caused by external factors, and strengthening of system security is indispensable for restoration.

Details are as below.
PlayStation Network Failure / Maintenance Information | PlayStation Official Site

According to the announcement Sony announced on April 24th on the official website, about the access trouble to "PlayStation Network (PSN)" which is continuing from around 13:00 on April 21st time of Japan time, Although we are continuing our efforts to recover quickly, we are rebuilding the system to strengthen the network infrastructure, and it seems that it takes time.

Although this work takes time, Sony is judged to be essential for further strengthening the system security, and it will take some time for recovery, so please acknowledge it to users and partner companies We are asking for it.

As a cause of the obstacle this time, Sony raised "influence which is regarded as an external factor" on April 23,Sony complained that Sony lifted protection of PS3The group of hackers called "Anonymous" who attacked PSN in early April denied involvement as "this obstacle is a problem inside Sony".

PSN Outage April 22 - For Once We Did not Do It | Everything Anonymous

However, members of Anonymous announced that they will resume attacks when PSN recovers. Is the current strengthening of system security to prepare for these attacks?

Anonymous: We Will Attack Sony When PSN is Back Online | VGN 365

Distribution of Square Enix's popular titles "FF 5" and "FF 6" was started for Game Archives on April 20, but PSN can not be used under the current condition that can not be used, and in addition to the topic work "El Shadai It is a place where I wish for things to converge as soon as possible, considering that the trial version of "is currently being delivered ... etc.

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