Sony acknowledges the possibility of leakage of "PlayStation Network (PSN)" and "Qriocity" user information and calls attention, some functions strengthen security and resume

The situation that access to "PlayStation Network (PSN)" can not be accessed from April 21 continues, but the other daySony was announcing that it is necessary to strengthen security and recovery will take timeAnnounced that there was a possibility that personal information of "PlayStation Network" and "Qriocity" users leaked out.

Some of the information that may have leaked includes important items such as address, password, credit card information and so on, and for services that are currently stopped, some services are close I am planning to resume at home.

* We also added that the alert was posted on the official page of the Japanese corporation.

Details are as below.
Update on PlayStation Network and Qriocity? PlayStation Blog

According to what Sony's American corporation announced at the official blog "PlayStation Blog", illegal invasion of the network of "PlayStation Network" and video / music distribution service "Qriocity" was done from April 17th to 19th It seems that it was made clear.

In response to this situation, Sony said that he has suspended the services of "PlayStation Network" and "Qriocity" and has contracted with an external security company to conduct a full investigation. And now, in order to further protect the protection of personal information, we are rebuilding the network infrastructure that realizes stronger security.

Although details are still under investigation, Sony is currently investigating the name, address, country, e-mail address, birthday, password for using this service, online ID, purchase history, It is said that the possibility that data including an answer to billing address and password security was leaked can not be denied, and the possibility that the number of credit cards was acquired expiration date is also mentioned.

In addition, "We do not inquire of Sony the credit card number, social security number, information that can identify individuals etc" to users, calling attention to fraud, "PlayStation Network" "Qriocity" It is strongly recommended to change user ID and password if the service is restarted.

Also, although it is time to restart anxious services, Sony, which is currently working on strengthening security, said that some services are expected to recover, commenting "We are planning to recover within a week" It is.

"Anonymous" who has made an attack against PSN in early April, complaining that Sony was sued by canceling the protection of PS 3, and announced that it will attack further when PSN recovers in the future A hacker group called is denying involvement as "This obstacle is a problem inside Sony", but is it really not really related ...?

· 11:08 postscript
Japanese corporation of Sony Computer Entertainment also posted alert to users.

Apology and asking for everyone using PlayStation Network / Qriocity

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