"Laputa's flying stone" that teaches the location of the International Space Station with laser

Studio Ghibli movie "Castle in the Sky"Flying stone" that comes out in the item is an item that teaches the place of Laputa which is the legendary existence in the work, and it is emitting blue light towards Laputa in a straight line anywhere.

It is relatively easy to make items that only imitate the outside, but I focused on those who "tell me the location of Laputa" and made a device that will continue to show the location of the International Space Station (ISS) A person appeared. Most of the parts are arranged in Akihabara.

Details are as below.
[Co] The president made a flying stone

Looking at animation like this. By the way, both are the same contents.
YouTube - I tried to make Laputa's flying stone

I tried to make Laputa's flying stone - Nico Nico video (Harajuku)

The reason for making the equipment was "Because the budget is over."

It is a device that teaches the location of the International Space Station, which is orbiting at an altitude of 28,000 km / h at an altitude of 350 km.

Basic mechanism. At first it seems that the structure of XY axis method was considered, but the final plan is to 2 axis rotation type (anti-aircraft type).

AndGoogle SketchUpCreating a full-size model with.

Tentative plan of composition. It is impossible for the microcomputer to do everything from satellite orbit calculation to drive control ......

That's why we put Android apps in between. However, satellite orbit calculation by smartphone is still reckless.

Ultimately, the trajectory calculation will be handled by the server on the cloud.

Electronic circuit design. It seems that all parts except the laser will be aligned at the parts shop in Akihabara.

And to production.

The real thing is completed.

Paint the outside and complete the flying stone.

It seems that we are using a green laser because it does not look like a blue laser.

It actually looks like this.

Although it has been noted at the end, it is said that it is not production for sales purpose.

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