Explanation of "FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2 (FF 13 - 2)" with plenty of plays movies, the scene of the no -

One big fair in the game industry held in Los Angeles, USA "E3 2011", Square Enix's"FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (FF 13-2)Since it was exhibited at playable, I will explain it with plenty of movies.

The battle system to which a new hand was added to the battle system, the appearance that the new character "Noel" moves around, and new enemies and other key elements to unravel the work are scattered contents.

Details are as below.
Square Enix booth of "E3 2011"

In the large screen monitor, the promotion movie of "FINAL FANTASY XIII - 2" was flowing.

Experience booth of the same work

This time we can play "EXCLUSIVE SHOWCASE" version.

Start playing at once. First of all, the new hero "Noel" and the younger sister "Sera" of the protagonist "Lightning" of the previous work appeared.

A thing like an invisible giant 's hand which seems to have been sealed (Paradox Alpha) suddenly resurrected, and we will have one match. The basic battle style is based on the previous work, and it fights by using the Optima change (overseas "Paradigm Shift") ... ....

When an event scene called "CINEMATIC ACTION" is inserted during battle, if you hit a button repeatedly as instructed on the screen, you can avoid attacks that suffer heavy damage, or conversely add an effective blow to the enemy It is possible.

Continue battle for a while.

Then suddenly the attack helicopter flew over the sky.

In order to start bombing to the giant suddenly, "CINEMATIC ACTION" must be successful and you have to run away in a hurry.

Looking at the stream in a movie is like this. Is it due to mind that it seems Moogle is transforming into a sera bow?

YouTube - "FF 13-2" play movie 1 Bos fight early in the game

Story commentary is now inserted as appropriate.

The stage changed and it was in the city.

It looks like moving like this.

YouTube - "FF 13 - 2" play movie 2 Move through town

After that, when heading to the road behind the city, the hand of the giant who should have thought that he was knocked down after the bombing appeared. Continue to advance while repeating battle usually.

YouTube - "FF 13-2" play movie 3 normal battle

YouTube - "FF 13-2" play movie 4 normal battle sequence

And rematch with the giant. In the early stage, only the hand was materialized, but now the whole giant realizes it. It will be annihilated in an instant if you are out of your mind.

YouTube - "FF 13-2" play movie 5 Noel will be momentarily killed

In order to avoid annihilation, it is necessary to make monsters that were encountered on the way parties, and to utilize their special abilities during battle, and it seems that the battle is being carried out together using the monster's ability in fact. I succeeded in repelling the giant who killed the Noel in a blink of time earlier.

YouTube - "FF 13-2" play movie 6 Boss fight victory

A monster who is participating in the party as the third party. It is a mechanism that selects 1 body from multiple captured monsters and puts it in battle.

The playable demonstration which was exhibited this time ends here. It is the same work planned to be released in December 2011, but what kind of story development will you show in the future? AndThe second official trailerThe main character of the previous work, which was said to be "dead", I'm very concerned about what lightning will appear in.

The official website of FF 13-2 is below.


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