It takes time but the potential is high, tasting "Water dripper clear"

Last photo reviewContinue to follow, we will send you a tasting review of a watering coffee made with "Water Dripper Clear" that you can enjoy watering coffee easily at home.

Watering dripper: to make delicious coffee | Hario Grass net shop

The coffee powder we used this time was "UCC Gold Special Ice Coffee".

First, prepare powder receiving balls.

And put coffee powder in the attached measuring spoon. One cup of coffee is a cup of coffee (about 12 g).

This time I will make six coffee which is the maximum capacity, so I added six naked coffee powder.

Water reviewed previouslyKurunsei's pot type water purifier "CP 015"Filtered with the one used.

In order to wet the coffee powder, pour a little water into the powder receiving ball ......

And stir the powder well so that the whole coffee powder moistens. It is said that this series of work can be extracted well if it is divided into several times.

Because it was moistened separately in several times, moisture spreads throughout the coffee powder.

Flatten the moistened coffee powder and place the attached paper filter there ......

Dampen the paper with a small amount of water. It seems that moisture is dispersed throughout the coffee powder.

Next, install the powder receiving ball on the stand.

Pour water into the top ball ... ....

Completion is done by putting water up to the scale of minutes of the cup of coffee to make from now. Let's close the lid.

It is finally dripping of water. Tweak the cock and adjust the dropping speed to drop 1 to 1.5 drops per second. As the speed falls down in the latter half, it seems a little quicker at first.

Coffee will not be extracted if you just started dropping. I feel like a drip somehow.

Coffee has been extracted for a while.

YouTube - A state of extracting coffee with "Water dripper clear"

Even if tens of minutes have passed, it has hardly gathered.

After leaving for about 5 hours, six cups of watering coffee was finally completed.

The water put in the top ball is empty.

This powder feeling ball is like this.

Coffee was slightly rebounding on the stand.

A finished black coffee.

You can use the lid that you set in the upper ball as it is fitted in the pot.

I tried it in a cup of coffee. In order to test the ability of "Water dripper clear", I will drink straight as it is.

When I tasted it inside the editorial department, what I gave as a common opinion is "The color is dark and the taste is dark." However, this may be because the coffee powder used was for iced coffee, so it is made thick from the base on the premise of placing ice. The taste is dense but the mouthfeel is smooth, there is no feeling that bitterness sharp, mellow. If you drink ice, syrup, milk etc. as iced coffee obediently, it is likely to have a pretty good taste.

Also, since the scent unique to coffee is strong and vivid, you can enjoy an irresistible scent for those who like coffee. I felt such a potential that it would be a cup that coffee lovers could fully convince even if people like coffee could adjust the amount of flour and use it again and again to make a taste of your choice.

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