The latest version "Google Chrome v12.0.742.122" appears in Google Chrome


The latest stable version of Google Chrome"Google Chrome v 12.0.742.122"It was released and it became possible to download from the following official site.

In addition, the only change is that the included "Adobe Flash Player" plugin has been updated to v10.3.181.35. When updating to "v12.0.742.112" last time, a total of seven vulnerabilities including 6 vulnerabilities of "High" severity level according to Google standards were fixed, but this time update As of July 13, information on vulnerability correction etc. is not disclosed. If you already have chrome installed, it will be updated automatically at startup.

Google Chrome - Download browser

Click "Google Chrome free download" at the top right of the above site.

Click "I agree and install".

The installer will launch and the download will start.

"Installation will end in a few seconds and a new browser will automatically start up."

Installation is completed when Chrome boots up.

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