From SD Gundam Gaiden to AGE, various Gundam gathered at "Soul Festival"

I summarized the Gundam we found at Bandai's new product exhibition "Soul Festival 2011" to be held in Bersaar Akihabara on July 16th and 17th. It is becoming an interesting lineup such as "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN" whose animation is decided and "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE" of the topic.

TAMASHII FESTIVAL 2011 - Summer of superalloy, Summer of robot ~

In "METAL BUILD" corner is "Mobile Suit Gundam 00The aircraft of.

"Double Oh Gundam Seven Sword" and "Oliser + GN Sword Ⅲ".

"Double Oh Gundam Seven Sword" was released in March 2011, and it is 14,490 yen.

"O-Riser + GN Sword III" was released in July 2011, 5040 yen.

And when you coalesce this way.

These are "METAL BUILD" finished product toy.

Next time Transum riser will appear.

And also development of Freedom Gundam supervised by Mr. Satoshi Shigeta.

Next is the "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION" corner.

"Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN"RX-78-2 Gundam (THE ORIGIN)" appeared. It is scheduled to be released in August 2011, and it is 15,540 yen.

This time "SDX" corner.

"SD Gundam Gaiden St. Cavalry Story"The Holy Instrument Soldier Gun Rex". Delivery month is September 2011, 9975 yen.

This is "The Burning Knight Gundam F91".

Boarding to Gunrex inside is also possible.

In "High End Model Experience Corner" you can actually touch the super alloy.

"RX-8-2 Gundam (THE ORIGIN)" before.

And "Double Oh Gundam Seven Sword".

"O 'Riser + GN Sword Ⅲ".

At the end is something topic "Mobile Suit Gundam AGEThis is the corner.

" Gaffran".

" AGE - 1 Sparrow".

" AGE-1 Normal".

" AGE - 1 Titus".

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