Bedfan sleeping gadget that eliminates sleepiness on a hot night

I think that there are many people who do not use the comforters anymore and sleeping only with the mattress and the towelket, but still a sleepy night continues. This "Bedfan" gadget that makes such a hot night's sleep easier. Just putting it at the end of the bed will always send the wind into the bed so you can sleep cool until the morning.

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This is "Bedfan". It has a fairly strange shape, but it is a simple mechanism that inspires from below and puts it from the top. The price is roughly 80 dollars (about 6140 yen) according to mail-order site etc.

It looks like this is actually installed in bed.
Bedfan The Personal Cooling Device - YouTube

Bed feet are bulging, but Bedfan is installed in such a way that it is caught in the sheet.

Wind is being sent in the sheet, so it is swollen fluffily.

This street turns the sheets.

In this way, I sucked up the cold air under the bed and sent it through the gap with the comforter.

Unfortunately it seems that it can not be used with futon, but if you make a similar mechanism using a circulator etc, it seems to be cool and sleep.

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